Member Appreciation

Penn Dixie members: Join us from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday April 24 to kick off the season! Our staff will be on-site to show you what we’ve been up during the offseason. Remember to bring your membership card and ID to show upon check in.

  • Unlimited fossil collecting for all members
  • 1 free (non-member) guest is allowed per cardholder as a thank you for your support
  • Free tool rentals while supplies last
  • Free take home container for your fossils
  • Individually wrapped snacks and light refreshments
  • Complimentary educational tours are available upon request
  • No reservations needed


Additional non-member guests may pay our normal rate of admission upon arrival with credit card. Guests must be accompanied by a card holding member at all times.

If you would like to stay past 1 pm, please visit out Member Guide at

Major Membership Update

By Dr. Phil Stokes, Executive Director


A Big Change

After 24 years, we are renovating our membership program. These changes are the direct result of member feedback that identified areas of improvement.

Beginning today, all new memberships purchased will include benefits for a 12-month period. In other words, a membership purchased on July 15, 2019 will be good until July 15, 2020.

Previously, our memberships were valid for the calendar year. This system was necessary because we did not have the means to track individual membership expiration dates. The old system frequently caused confusion and occasionally drew concerns about memberships purchased late in the season.

Now, thanks to our investment in software, we can send you an email reminder when your membership is about to expire. With over 1,200 members, this is an invaluable resource to Penn Dixie.

New Membership Levels

We have also greatly reduced the numbers of membership levels available; there are now just three: Individual; Dual; and Family. Individual membership ($40) includes benefits for one (1) named adult age 18 and up; Dual membership ($50) includes benefits for two (2) named adults age 18 and up; and Family ($60) includes benefits for two (2) named adults age 18 and up plus up to four children/grandchildren under age 18. To make sure that we can expedite your check-in at Penn Dixie, please carry your membership card with you along with a photo ID that we can use to verify your name.

Special discounts ($5) are available for seniors (62+), military, students, and teachers with valid ID. These discounts do not stack and are not available for new members online. Current senior and student members should find the discount already applied to your account.

Guest Policy

For members who wish to bring a guest to Penn Dixie: we have you covered! At all three levels members may purchase a PLUS enhancement ($20) which will allow one (1) guest to visit each time the member visits. This may be a different guest each time.

In addition, guests are welcome to visit after hours if 1) they are accompanied by a card-carrying PLUS member; and 2) follow our rules and procedures. Members are accountable for guest behavior as well as the safety of our flora and fauna. We will be diligent about enforcing our rules. Per our updated policy, members who visit after hours must sign in at the gate prior to entering Penn Dixie.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I am pleased to report that there are no major changes for current members. While we will update the database with our new levels, your existing card is valid until the written expiration date. Afterwards, your membership will renew at a level based on the table below.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Please do not hesitate to reach out ( I look forward to an improved membership experience! We’ve got some great things in store for the future and, on behalf of our entire organization; I thank you for your ongoing support.


Current Level             Updated Level

Individual                    Individual

Student                         Individual: Special Discount

Senior                           Individual: Special Discount

Family                          Family

Grandparents              Family: Special Discount

Associate                      Individual

Patron                          Individual

Sponsor                        Individual

LIFE                               LIFE (not available for sale)

Corporate                    Corporate (not available for sale)