Virtual Programs

45-60 min programs designed for you and your classroom! In-line with the New York State Science Learning Standards.

$55/program (without fossils)
$85/program (with class set of fossils)
Prices based of a standard class size of ~30 students. For additional participants or extra fossils, please contact the office for added costs.

Available programs:

  • Paleo Art – New program alert! Use the fossils at Penn Dixie as clues to construct the past. This interactive science and art lesson will have students infer what the animals at Penn Dixie may have looked like when they were alive based on what they know about today’s ocean animals. We’ll work together and use our creative license as we draw these prehistoric creatures. Recommended for elementary aged students.
  • WNY Fossils – Our most popular program! In this interactive lesson, students will learn the basics of fossils and fossilization. Students will become paleontologists and view fossils commonly found around WNY. Students will use deductive reasoning to understand extinct animals and infer prehistoric environments from the fossils. Recommended for all grades. *local drop off mileage or postal fees may apply
  • Geology Rocks! – Rocks and the rock cycle are explored. Students will view rock samples to explore the rock cycle and three primary types of rocks, with a focus on sedimentary rocks. Educators will discuss local rock formations present in WNY and the importance of sedimentary rocks for paleontologists. Recommended for 3rd grade and up.
  • Geologic Time – Learn about the long history of geologic time. Find out where the rocks of WNY fit into our Earth’s history in relation to major events like the extinction of the dinosaurs. Recommended for 5th grade and up.

We can work with you if you have a specific earth science topic they want us to discuss. Programs address: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity; The History of Planet Earth; Plate Tectonics and Large-Scale System Interactions; and Earth Systems: Earth Materials and Systems. Penn Dixie is also willing to accommodate any program idea or topic that you are currently covering with your students which would allow us to further meet the specific needs of your classroom.

For more information, please contact Dr. Holly Schreiber at or 716-627-4560.


15-20 min Q&A with a Paleontologist!


Great for all grades and ages. Classes can pre-submit questions or ask them live the day of.

For more information, contact Dr. Holly Schreiber at or 716-627-4560.