Fossil Shop Supporters

The following businesses graciously provide us with quality specimens to support our educational programs:


Past & Present — located at 3767 South Park Ave. in Blasdell (2.2 miles from Penn Dixie) — has a wide selection of fossils, minerals, crystals, jewelry, books, tools, and unique gifts from around the world. Past & Present is also home to a free fossil gallery and museum that is loaded with excellent trilobite and dinosaur specimens.


FossilRealm is a leading online source of rare and beautiful fossils and minerals. They are based in Ottawa, Canada and have over 35 years of experience sourcing and selling high quality specimens. Fossil Realm invites you to discover ancient treasures that are visually stunning, emotionally evocative and befitting of top tier museums and galleries. The collection is curated by Peter James Lovisek, founder and CEO.


Fine Fossils is a purveyor of quality fossils and the leader in the production of “Fossil & Mineral Art.” The fossils are from a broad spectrum of prehistory, including examples of Dinosaur, Reptile, Fossil Fish, Mammal, and Invertebrate. All art is produced in house, using genuine fossils and minerals from around the world. They are aesthetically presented, utilising wood, natural limestone, sandstone, acrylics, and metal.


Natural Selection Fossils offers a broad selection of both prepared, original fossils and high-quality fossil reproductions from historically significant locations in the United Kingdom — the birthplace of modern paleontology. Natural Selection’s stock includes Jurassic dinosaurs and invertebrates as well as jewelry made from fossils.


Bob Schacht Fossils offers professionally prepared invertebrate and plant fossils via eBay — store name ameura. Bob sells a wide range of specimens from the Paleozoic, including uncommon and rare fossils from lesser known localities.