Community Giving

Every year Penn Dixie receives numerous donation requests from a variety of individuals and organizations. We strive to meet as many of these requests as possible; however, we cannot guarantee a donation to every worthy cause.

Causes are considered in the order we receive requests and requests are fulfilled based on the following alignment criteria. Please note an expiration date may apply to your donation if issued.

  • Requests must be made by a non-profit organization with an aligned mission or a demonstrably committed community group with an aligned cause.
  • Non-profit organizations must have a valid tax-ID number.
  • Community groups must have the valid tax-ID number of a non-profit acting as a fiscal sponsor or other documentation of collective financial responsibility such as an elected treasurer or group bank account monitored by more than one individual.
  • Donation requests must be received at least four weeks prior to the day of the event or day the organization needs the donation.
  • An organization is eligible to receive one donation item per year.