Our Birds

Penn Dixie Avifauna Biodiversity Survey

Our survey was conducted from March through July of 2020 by Jonathan Hoag. All of the birds listed were identified by visual sightings and calls, and the survey was conducted during the day during the mornings and afternoons. Bird species listed below were seen throughout the site in various habitats and ecosystems. Birds on this list are organized by order and family. Download a detailed report here: Bird Diversity of the Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Reserve.

Passeriformes: Perching Birds

Apodiformes: Hummingbirds and Swifts

Cuculiformes: Cuckoos

Caprimulgiformes: Nightjars and Frogmouths

Columbiformes: Pigeons and Doves

Cathartiformes: New World Vultures

Galliformes: Land Fowl

Charadriiformes: The Shorebirds

Pelecaniformes: Herons, Bitterns, and Pelicans

Gruiformes: Includes Cranes and Rails

Coraciiformes:  Kingfishers and Allies

Anseriformes- Ducks, Geese, And Swans

Accipitriformes- Hawks, Eagles, And Allies

Strigiformes: Owls