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Digging Up New York’s History: Fossils in Western NY on New York Makers

Fossil collecting at Penn Dixie quarry, New York on

Fossils of western New York: 18-mile Creek and the Penn Dixie Area on

Mom, there is a trilobite in my sandwich !!! by Diana Fattori and Nando Musmarra

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Official Penn Dixie YouTube Channel

Episode 7: The Trilobites of Penn Dixie Fossil Park by Rockhounding USA
Youtube 7/31/2017

Freeloading at Penn Dixie in Blasdell, NY by 92.9 JACK FM
YouTube 7/22/16

Fossil and astronomy exhibit begins this weekend by WKBW TV
YouTube 5/13/2015

Aging is for Everyone – What to do in town by Aging is for Everyone
YouTube 10/28/2014

Live With Colly Episode 15 by Colleen Young
YouTube 9/10/2014

Penn Dixie Tour of the Buffalo Harbor and Niagara River by Rick Miller
YouTube 9/15/2013

Penn Dixie Commercial 2007 by Jay Mager
YouTube 9/25/2007