Private Expeditions

Want a more personalized fossil hunting experience? Your small group (2 – 8 people) can book a private collecting expedition in the true style of field paleontology. Your guide — a knowledgeable and experienced member of our staff — will take you on a journey through our 54-acre park in search of a range of fossils.

During the two-hour guided tour, you’ll visit our most prolific spots where you’re guaranteed to find fossils — all of which you can keep for your collection. Your guide will also take you to some unexpected places in search of more exotic fossils, including armored fish and the legendary “golden” trilobite. After the guided portion, you can remain on site to continue collecting at your leisure on days we are open to the public.


  • Two-hour professionally guided expedition
  • Tool and bucket rental for collecting
  • A complimentary copy of ‘Field Guide to the Devonian Paleontology of New York’ by Karl A. Wilson for the group

Adults $49, Children $42, Members save 10% 

Private expeditions are available for all ages. We can schedule an expedition for any day of the week, most times during the year — even when Penn Dixie is closed to the public!

Please contact us if you have concerns about accessibility. We will work with you to plan an expedition best suited to your needs.

Since expeditions are outdoors, we recommend appropriate footwear (e.g., sturdy boots), seasonal dress in layers, sunscreen, shade hats (e.g., wide brim hats or pith helmets), and sunglasses. Adverse weather conditions affect our ability to provide private expeditions, especially during the months. If we must cancel your expedition due to weather, you will receive a full refund.

Booking inquires require a minimum of 72 hours notice.

To see if there is availability outside of the times listed on the button above, please call the office at 716-627-4560 or complete the form below.

Penn Dixie Trilobites
Penn Dixie is famous for its trilobites — extinct arthropods who dominated the seas for 270 million years — but other fossils are just as plentiful if you know where to look.