Suggested Contributions

$19.93 – Our 1993 founding by local environmental activists and scientists.

$53 – The number of fossil species guests can collect at the park.

$86 – The number of community groups and schools who visited us in 2018.

$140 – The number of species of migratory and local birds found on site.

$380 – The age of our tropical sea fossils in hundreds of millions of years.

$2,011 – The year that Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Reserve was ranked as the #1 fossil park in the United States by a Geological Society of America Special Paper for accessibility, quality of education experience, and location.


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Penn Dixie is operated by the Hamburg Natural History Society, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1993. All proceeds support our mission of science education. Donations are tax deductible and help us provide the best science possible to tens of thousands of learners annually.