Introducing Penn Dixie’s new monthly Workshop series. This series is meant to tap into your interests, spark your creativity, and sharpen some new skills along the way. Virtual workshops relating to specimen identification, sample preparation, and astronomy are some of the topics we plan to cover this year until we can meet again safely in person and collaborate together.

Pre-registration is required as workshops are interactive and meant to be participatory – registration will close at 5 pm the evening before the program. Guests are welcome to actively participate in the workshop by asking questions to the host directly and to the moderator via the chat feature – questions will be answered in real time. Similarly, a registration email with household supplies needed to successfully participate will be sent along prior to each program. Sign Up Here!

Saturday, January 16th @ 1 pm – Specimen Identification and how to use the Wilson Book
Join us as we help you identify any geological or paleontological specimens in your collection that have yet to be named. We’ll also show you how to use one of our gift shop bestsellers – the Field Guide to the Devonian Fossils of New York by Karl A. Wilson in determining what you’ve found at Penn Dixie. This book can be purchased online from the Paleontological Research Institution gift shop.

Saturday, February 20th @ 1 pm – Astronomy 101
End Penn Dixie’s “Astronomy Month” with Head Astronomer and Buffalo Astronomical Association member Ernie Jacobs as he teaches us the proper keeping and care of telescopes and some basic astronomy that you can use everyday. Please email any specific telescope model questions to before the event so that our experts are able to research your inquiry in the hopes of providing you the best answer.

Saturday, March 20th @ 1 pm – Sample Preparation & Presentation
Work side-by-side with some of our staff and learn how to prepare your own Penn Dixie specimens at home. We’ll walk you through what household materials you need to get your fossil in tiptop shape for display and how to properly label and catalog them to ensure they hold up in your collection for as long as they did in the ground.

If you plan to follow along in real-time be sure to have the following on hand:
-Penn Dixie or other local fossil
-Soft bristle toothbrush
-Dental pick or open safety pin
-White school glue
-Super glue
-Small dish of water
-Paper towels
-Index cards

Saturday, April 17th @ 1 pm – TBA

Sign Up Here! We’ll contact you with a Zoom link prior to each program.

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