Paleo Pals

Join Ms. Catherine and your other friends, once a month, as we read an earth science story together. Will there be singing? Crafts? Show-and-tell? Yes, yes, yes, and more! Can’t wait to see you there. Storybook titles and authors, as well as weekly topics, can be found below if you wish to check them out from the library or order them yourself to follow along more closely at home. Sign Up Here!

Saturday, February 13th @ 10 am – Once Upon a Starry Night: A Book of Constellations by Jacqueline Mitton & Christina Balit
For centuries people throughout time, all over the world, have used the stars to tell stories. Celebrate Penn Dixie’s Astronomy Month as we read the stories of the stars together. Bring your favorite blanket or stuffy to this story time.

Saturday, March 13th @ 10 am – Mammoths on the Move by Lisa Wheeler & Kurt Cyrus
They’re massive! They’re hairy! They’re legendary! Learn about these extraordinary creatures and others that roamed the Northern continents during the last Ice Age and why they’re not around today. Wear your favorite winter hat to stay warm just like the woolly mammoths!

Saturday, April 10th @ 10 am – Here We Go Digging for Dinosaur Bones by Susan Lendroth
A call back to our 1st month’s paleontological feature but this time with song — and hand motions! Join us as we learn and sing a little song to help us remember all of the important steps used in dino bone finding, collecting, and prepping. Wear your gear to collect dino bones – hats and vests encouraged!

Sign Up Here! We’ll contact you with a Zoom link prior to each program.

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