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Join us for our signature event — Penn Dixie’s Dig with the Experts! This is our very popular and yearly opportunity to unearth the best, most complete, and most unexpected fossils at Penn Dixie. We’ll have equipment on-site to do the heavy lifting and scientific experts on site to help with locating and identifying the best fossils. You’ll have to do your share of splitting and digging, of course, but you’re guaranteed to find something cool and interesting.

Volunteers will lead the dig in a freshly excavated section of the Lower Windom Shale and will demonstrate how to find trilobites, cephalopods, fish remains, brachiopods, corals, wood, and many of the other fossils that can be found at Penn Dixie.

Dig with the Experts draws collectors from around the globe for this unique opportunity, which is co-led by our friends from theCincinnati Dry Dredgers. Bring a hammer, chisel, safety glasses, lunch, water, newspaper, and paper towels to wrap your fossils. Pre-registration is encouraged, as only a limited number of participants will be registered.

Date: Saturday May 21, 2016 – 9 am

Cost: Penn Dixie members $25; non-members $30

Register: Online or by calling (716) 627-4560

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