The Buffalo Zoo Zoomobile presents Endangered Species


Wednesday March 22, 7pm

By Robin Sanecki, Outreach Program Specialist, Buffalo Zoo

This program defines what threatened, endangered, extirpated and extinct species are.  It also shows a cross-section of animals on the endangered species list, the reasons they are in danger, and preventative measures that have arisen over the years to help save these wonderful creatures.  A look at the illegal pet trade, animal hunting/exploitation for merchandise, and habitat destruction delivers a solemn message of the plight of these animals, while a look into the protective laws and conservation/preservation efforts of zoos and nature preserves offer hope for the future.  A final look will be given to individual solutions, group awareness, education, and recycling.

This program features live animals and exhibits and will be held in the auditorium of the Gateway Executive Office Building, 3556 Lake Shore Rd., Blasdell, NY. $5/person, Penn Dixie Members: FREE. No preregistrations required.