Devonian: The Age of Fish

Cancelled — Future Date TBA

Friday August 28, 7 pm – Our Second Talk of the Evening

Join keynote speaker PaleoJoe as he describes some of the many fish that once swam the ancient Devonian Seas. He will talk about the implacable placoderms, the armor plated fish that were dominant in the Devonian. He will also bring his some of his collection of armor plates, the ostederms that once covered the head and trunk of these unique creatures.

PaleoJoe goes fishing with a hammer and chisel.

Book signing to follow this illustrated presentation with fossil specimens, in the auditorium of the Gateway Executive Office Building, 3556 Lake Shore Rd., Blasdell, NY 14219.

FREE for Dig With The Experts guests and Penn Dixie members. $4 for the public for both talks. No registration needed.