Penn Dixie Code of Conduct

This document provides information on proper behavior for on-site and summer camp programs for summer day camp participants and visitors.  These policies have been adopted and will be enforced to ensure safety and to provide a positive and pleasant experience for all visitors to the Penn Dixie Site.


  • Follow the rules as posted at the registration shelter
  • Follow directions given by staff and site representatives


 Keep your hands and feet to yourself

  • Do not touch other people’s belongings
  • Listen to the staff, field trip leader, and/or instructor
  • Refrain from name calling or improper language


 Become actively involved in the programs and activities

  • Be willing to assist with set-up and clean-up
  • Use appropriate language. Refrain from inappropriate language and comments designed to hurt feelings or cause conflict
  • Stay with your designated group
  • Ask to use your phone only in the event of an emergency
  • Be responsible for your own property and belongings. Personal toys, games, game systems, and cell phones are to be left at home
  • Use program equipment and supplies appropriately

Progressive Discipline Program

The following consequences serve as a guide.  Depending on the severity of the behavior, other actions may be taken.

  1. Time-Out/Cool Down
  • The participant will receive a warning prior to being placed in time-out
  • Time-out periods will be assigned as appropriate
  • Time-out will be followed with a discussion between the camp director, and/or the center manager and the participant
  1. Verbal Notification to parents

If the participant is placed in a time-out/cool-down twice in one day, the parent will receive verbal notification within 24 hours.

  1. Written Warning

If the participant is placed in time-out/cool-down three times in one day, the parents and center manager/designee will have a discussion about the behavior, reasons, and consequences.  This will be documented in writing and given to the parents.  Depending on the severity of the behavior, parents may be notified in writing following the first occurrence of unacceptable behavior.

  1. Suspension

Depending on the severity of the behavior, a camper may be suspended and upon return, a Behavior Contract will be developed.

  1. Behavior Contract

This is an outline of expectations and consequences for failure to follow the Code of Conduct.  Both the camper and the parent will sign the terms and conditions before the camper is allowed to return.

  1. Expulsion

Continued failure to follow rules will result in the camper forfeiting the right to participate in the Penn Dixie Summer Day Camp Program or other site programs and no refund will be made.


The following actions will result in time-out, suspension or expulsion:

  • Throwing of rocks, sticks, or any items
  • Possession of illegal drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco
  • Possession of firearms or any recognized weapon
  • Possession of fireworks or explosives including, but not limited to, firecrackers, rockets, sparklers, party poppers, etc.
  • Bullying
  • Behaviors or comments suggesting discrimination
  • Fighting
  • Making threats
  • Stealing
  • Offensive, vulgar, or hateful language
  • Inappropriate behavior or comments of a sexual nature

Policy revised and approved by HNHS Board of Directors, May 13, 2010