Geology of Eighteen Mile Creek

The Geology and Palaentology of Eighteen Mile Creek  ($17.99 + tax & $4 shipping) by Amadeus W. Grabau is considered a classic study of the rocks and fossils found in our area. Published originally in 1898, this facsimile reprint features detailed illustrations and technical descriptions of the fossils found at Penn Dixie and in the Devonian rocks of Western New York. The book can be purchased online through our Square marketplace or at Penn Dixie.

The Geology and Palaeontology of Eighteen Mile Creek by Amadeus W. Grabau, 1898.

Amazon Reviewer Thomas Buckley writes:

“This book has excellent descriptions and images of all the fossil fauna you are likely to encounter at Eighteen Mile Creek, the Shore of Lake Erie, and the Penn-Dixie quarry…In addition to being excellent visually, it is also an easy read. Grabau writes in a more modern prose, not in the vernacular of the late 19th century. If you are collecting in these formations, having this book is a necessity. You will not be disappointed. Especially for the price.”

Grabau’s glorious brachiopod illustrations from 1898.