Catherine Konieczny, MS

Catherine Konieczny
Catherine at the San Andreas Fault, a right-lateral strike slip fault located in the Coachella Valley in CA.

Catherine Konieczny is the Director of Science of the Penn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve in Hamburg, NY.

Prior to working at Penn Dixie, Catherine served as the School Programs Manager at the Buffalo Museum of Science. In her five years at the BMS she created and implemented science education programs for primary and middle school students and teachers at public, private, and Catholic schools in the Western New York region. Some of her proudest work, in her 12 year educational professional career, includes working with the community members of Buffalo’s east side.

Catherine has presented research on the baseflow of depopultated cities both nationally and internationally and has served as John Mann Mentor in Applied Hydrogeology. She is an active member of the Buffalo Geological Association of Professional Geologists and the Nature Sanctuary Society of Western New York, where she is working on a geology research project ( In her spare time she estate sails with her boyfriend and spends time crafting with her dog, Huck.

Catherine Konieczny
Catherine Konieczny co-leading the NSSWNY’s annual hike to the Sweetland Nature with Dr. Raymond C. Vaughan