New Penn Dixie artwork

Penn Dixie is excited to feature the artwork of Lily Serrentino on our social media pages! Lily visited Penn Dixie a few years ago and created a series of art based on her trip. We selected our favorite image from the series and will be using it to promote Penn Dixie. She rocks!

Her bio:
Lily Serrentino is a Massachusetts based illustrator that specializes in educational and comic illustration; she works primarily in digital mixed media. Lily is happiest when telling a story, and combining science and art. If you are interested in seeing more of her work, please check out her portfolio ( or social media handles on Twitter and Instagram @Serrentinoart.

Penn Dixie Dig Site
Penn Dixie Site by Lily Serrentino


Penn Dixie @ WNY Home & Garden Expo

Planning to attend this year’s WNY Home & Garden Expo at the Hamburg Fairgrounds? Penn Dixie is on display all four days — February 25-28 — with fossils and fun. We’ll see you there!


Twenty years of collecting dinosaurs in South Dakota

Next month, Glen Laplaca of Past & Present Fossil and Rock Shop brings his dinosaurs to Penn Dixie!

Glen dinos

“Eyes in the front likes to hunt; eyes on the side likes to hide.”

We thank Scott McKenzie for an excellent presentation on birds/dinosaurs! Next month’s Penn Dixie science talk: more dinos with Glen LaPlaca from Past & Present.

Who were the dinosaurs?

Tonight at 7 PM in the Gateway Building Auditorium, 3556 Lakeshore Rd. Blasdell, NY.

Dr. Scott McKenzie presents a fun and informative examination of what the dinosaurs were really like. Our movies, internet and text books are all out of date. Today, we can know what they looked like, how they lived and perhaps what they were like emotionally! We will look at their eyes, their size, their colors and their living relatives.

Dinosaurs are more than bones, they were (and are) real animals that lived in an ecosystem as dynamic and as beautiful as our own!

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