The Winter Constellations

March 18 All Sky View of the Winter Constellations.

Join us Saturday March 18th at 7 pm for a last look at The Winter Triangle, Perseus, Taurus, The Pleiades, and many other deep space objects. Venus and Mars will make an appearance, though it might be quite chilly by the time Jupiter rises. Bring warm clothes and plenty of great questions about the universe!

Our astronomy experts will be your guide to the night sky at Penn Dixie. You may bring along your own telescope or are welcome to use one of the telescopes provided for the evening. Admission to these evening events is $4; Penn Dixie members attend for free.

Please note that we will provide updates on social media should this program be canceled due to weather.

Sun & Moon:

Sunset will be at 7:26 pm

There will be no moon visible during the program


Venus sets at 8:35 pm

Mars sets at 10:42 pm

Jupiter rises at 9:08 pm


The Winter Triangle (Betelgeuse, Sirius, & Procyon)

The Big Dipper –NE

Cassiopeia – NW

Andromeda – NW

Perseus – NW

Taurus – W

Orion – SW

Leo – E

Gemini – Meridian


M31 Andromeda Galaxy

M42 The Great Orion Nebula

M44 The Beehive Cluster

M45 The Pleiades

NGC 869 and NGC 884 The Double Cluster in Perseus



Castor & Pollux



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