Adult Outreach Programs

We offer a variety of informative educational lectures that are suitable for civic organizations, social clubs and other groups of adults. We will bring our fossils to your group in these exciting educational programs, which last about 45 minutes. Other topics may be available by request; please ask and we will see if we can meet your needs.

Contact Dr. Holly Schreiber at or 716-627-4560 to book a program.

The Geologic History of Western New York
Step back into the Devonian! Learn about the animals that called WNY home during the Devonian, 380 MYA. Learn about fossils, fossilization, determining past environments from fossils, and the history of WNY.

The Great Bone Wars
The history of paleontology has a dark and storied past. Learn about the history of paleontology, including the infamous rivalry between Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh during the early days of American paleontology.

Mass Extinctions
Mass extinctions have shaped Earth’s history. Learn about the Big Five mass extinctions and how learning about past extinctions, can help us understand the current extinction event.