December 13: Holiday Math Craft Café

Hexaflexagons and Hexaflexamexican Food

With Biologist Elizabeth Schiavoni, MS

Thursday December 13, 6 pm at the Central Library, 1 Lafayette Square, Buffalo, West Room

Flexagons are flat paper models used for visualizing geometric patterns. They were discovered by teenager, Arthur H. Stone, and popularized in recreational mathematics and puzzle solving by his friends Bryant Tuckerman, Richard Feynman, and John Tukey in 1939. Flexagons can be made out of folding strips of paper, or tortillas, that are “flexed” to reveal faces, or delicious taco filling, hidden between the front and back of the flat shapes. Prefixes can be added to create square tetraflexagons, six sided hexagflexagons, and so on.

To learn more about flexagons and recreational mathematics visit the mathematician Vi Hart’s entertaining website:

Teen Science Cafes are for all curious teens, diverse in life experiences and motivations for learning about science.

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